Daikin MarshDirector


Daikin Marsh

When I was growing up film and television were my favourite escape. I was a square eyed telly addict! Now, when I look back, it seems like an entirely natural journey that brought me to working as a director for the last twenty years.

I love telling stories. I love working with actors. I love cinematography and production design and sound and editing. I love the craft. The collaborative experience and how so many components come together bringing to life the writer’s vision is always a joy. I feel incredibly fortunate to do what I do.

I have directed a wide range of productions from continuing dramas such as Casualty, Waterloo Road and Holby City (where I had a year long spell as Lead Director) to comedy drama with Paul Abbott’s Shameless and established drama series such as New Tricks and Vera (my episode ‘Old Wounds’ won an RTS Award for best drama).

I have worked with actors from ranging from those just starting out to the highly acclaimed and award winning, always striving to create the best possible environment for them to give their best performances.

With a passion for images I began my career by training and working for several years as a camera operator. The technical understanding and affinity with the camera I gained from this has helped me to develop visual style that is rich, fluent and engaging and has allowed me to spend more time concentrating in performance and storytelling.

I am fully aware of the practical pressures a production faces and have been able to complete schedules on time and within budget whilst delivering work of the highest standard.

I enjoy creative problem solving. Recently this involved working on continuing drama series under Covid restrictions when returning from lockdown. Being able to shoot with a restricted number of cast and crew on set with social distancing but create scenes and episodes that feel natural whilst still engaging the audience was a challenge I enjoyed and became comfortable with.