Daikin MarshDirector


Daikin Marsh

Daikin is an experienced director working in popular television drama. His most recent credits include Holby City, Shameless and Vera.

Having trained and spent several years working as a camera operator Daikin got his break as a director at Mersey Television on Brookside, Grange Hill and Hollyoaks. Since then he has built up an extensive body of work that illustrates his aptitude for telling stories confidently and coherently, his ability to work with actors from the inexperienced to the acclaimed and a visual style that is rich, fluent and engaging.

His natural affinity with the camera means that Daikin is never bogged down by the technicalities of shooting and so can concentrate on supporting the actors he is working with. He believes that a full understanding of the script and creating the best possible atmosphere in which to work are key to enabling great performances.

Daikin is also fully aware of the practical pressures a production faces. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to complete a schedule whilst delivering work of the highest standard and is delighted to say that he has been invited back by all of the shows he has worked on.